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SORION SENSITIVE Plant Based Solution BUY NOW Soothes Psoriasis,
Eczema, Dermatitis
and more
"This product has helped with my Psoriasis
more than any cream, ointment or topical
steroid ever has!!!"
Nature meets Biotechnology. "I have used the very expensive prescription
steriod creams they did nothing but waste my
money, this stuff is way cheaper and works
way better. Love it and have already placed
my second order"
- Julie - Nicole
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Active ingredients include Neem, Turmeric, Sweet-Indarajao, Indian Madder and Coconut. Particularly developed using the latest in Biotechnology.


Our practitioner is registered with The Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Why Sorion, Australia?
  • Loved in over 40 countries

  • Great for dry, itchy, flaky, red, irritated skin

  • One of Europe’s fastest growing skin range

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Welcome to Sorion, Australia! In perfect harmony with nature, and based on Ancient Ayurvedic Principles and world-leading Bio-technological advancements, Sorion provides real answers.

Sorion is a true force of nature – an illustration of the tremendous inherent power and wisdom of the native flora of this planet, combined with mankind’s obsessive desire to explore, progress, heal, learn, create, share and evolve.

Nature provides answers and options for individuals to connect back to the source – to mother earth.

Phytotimes Pty. Ltd., are working closely with some of the World’s Top Bio-Scientists, who are finding more miracles in nature every day.

A note from our Manufacturers:

Atrimed Biotech is the pioneer for developing medicines from plants through biotechnology. What started out as an attempt to provide scientific backing to traditional medicine, is now home to the world’s largest database of plant molecules. Since 2003, we have been working in this field through a critical process to discover, refine and test out the safety and efficiency of plant-based solutions.

Phytotimes Pty Ltd. Providing only the best natural solutions like Sorion, to  Australia, and soon to New Zealand and South Africa.

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This product has helped with my Psoriasis more than any cream, ointment or topical steroid ever has!! I've had patches all over for many years but my elbows bother me the most (probably because I can't hide them without wearing long sleeves and I live in sunny Southern California). Less than 3 weeks of using the Sorian cream 1-3x/ day and I am SO happy with the results. Best $20 I have ever spent.
I’ve had psoriasis for a long time, starting when I was 15 years old. It’s not horrible or widespread, but in some undesirable and visible locations. I’ve tried lots of things over the years prescription, OTC, herbal, etc. This has been, by far, the best cream I’ve ever used. No more alternating creams to fight thinning skin due to steroid creams. I used it for 4-6 weeks twice per day. Although the redness isn’t completely gone.
I have been using this product for the past month and very impress with the outcome. After using topical steroid medications for years, this OTC cream, in my case, has shown results that I was never able to obtain with prescription drug medication. Skin redness, dryness, and other issues associated with psoriasis went away within a week that I began using this cream. Affected area now has healthy skin.
I found out I have Psoriasis in December and my hands were getting pretty bad. Someone on a Psoriasis FB page recommended this cream so I tried it. You can see from the before and after picture that it did wonders for me. I found that if you cream up your hands before bed and wear cotton gloves, by morning you will be amazed! I was! So THANK YOU to whoever recommended this cream and to who makes this cream.
I have used this product for one week and I am amazed at the great results I am seeing. I have suffered with psoriasis/eczema for 50 years and have never seen such clearing of my skin in such a short time. After experiencing cortisone/steroid withdrawal, I recently broke out with RRS (Red Rash Syndrome) after taking Prednisone and nothing I attempted to use could stop the burning, itching, and pain of this rash which was all over my body.
I.LOVE.THIS.PRODUCT! I have struggled with psoriasis for 10+ years and tried everything...no really, everything. I've been using Sorion for over 6 months now and can say it's been consistently good for my skin. I use it in combination with MetaDerm and have really loved the results...my flakey red patches are now flat and white; I'll take it over itching..scaling..etc. If you're suffering with psoriasis or even dry skin, I urge you to give Sorion a try.
This cream is amazing. After reading about it on a psoriasis message board and seeing the positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. This cream really helped clear up the rest of the stubborn scales and dryness. I have used the very expensive prescription steroid creams they did nothing but waste my money, this stuff is way cheaper and works way better. Love it and have already placed my second order.