As a result of the latest discoveries in Plant-based Biotechnology..

..the Sorion range has quickly become one of the fastest growing skincare brands in the European Union (EU) –  and is commonly used by hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, in over 40 Countries Worldwide.

And now, the original all-natural range is available right here in Australia, direct from the official distributors.

In perfect harmony with nature, and based on Ancient Ayurvedic Principles and world-leading Bio-technological advancements, Sorion provides real answers.

Sorion is a true force of nature – an illustration of the tremendous inherent power and wisdom of the native flora of this planet, combined with mankind’s obsessive desire to explore, progress, heal, learn, create, share and evolve.

Nature provides answers and options for individuals to connect back to the source, to Mother Earth.

Sorion’s remarkable new range of 100% natural products, is exclusively distributed in Australia by Phytotimes Pty Ltd.

Phytotimes Pty Ltd, are working closely with some of the World’s Top Bio-Scientists, who are finding more secrets in nature every day.

We are working hard to bring these revolutionary products to people that need them, with plans to expand the range and reach of our product lines, towards optimal satisfaction for more people.

We are excited with coming news, which will introduce several new products very soon, that may be suitable for those experiencing symptoms of Arthritis, Acne, stubborn wounds, and more.

Yes, technologies like these show how humanity can work with the Earth to solve many puzzles.

If you can, please check with your local pharmacy, health store or online retailer, and encourage them to visit us, so they can provide Sorion locally.

Your support is genuinely appreciated, and we hope you will join us online and share your personal story, and help us to improve the lives and well-being of more everyday Australians.


Sorion was first brought to this side of the World, in 2012, by Dr Rama Prassad, a specialist Ayurverdic Doctor, based in Bondi Junction in Sydney. Rama is a Director of Phytotimes Pty Ltd – formerly Health Shine Distribution – which is a 100% owned Australian Company, designed specifically to provide the very best skin and health care options in the world today, to everyday Australians.

With over 25 years in training and practising in Ayurveda in India and Internationally, Rama teaches Ayurvedic wellness principles, using a detailed framework of Ancient Knowledge, to provide specific strategies for any individual, to naturally dissolve illness, and move effortlessly towards optimal energy, joy, and all-round well-being.

Rama’s encyclopedic knowledge of Ayurvedic Principles and Practices, means his fame is growing rapidly both here and Abroad.

Whilst exuding infectious clarity, wonder and curiosity, Rama manages to glide through an astonishing schedule of Talks, Events, Podcasts, on and offline Coaching, as well as Personal Consultations.

Rama practices what he preaches, is a real-life, one of a kind, modern day dynamo, averaging 20,000 steps, and 4am starts. We are very lucky Aussies, to have him based here with us, where we can schedule personal consultations with him.

Alternatively, his online consultations are considered amongst the most insightful, practical and rapid individual health consultations available anywhere today. These are rapid lifestyle evaluations available face to face online, where Rama shares specific insights into your particular health characteristics, traits, deficiencies – and provides the specific elements in your lifestyle, that when easily implemented, will greatly impact your health and mood.

For more information, and to access a large range of free informational health based resources, including educational opportunities, and multi-platform Ayurveda study opportunities, and to get to the bottom of any health concern, please book a free 15 minute consultation