Free Skin Consultation with Ayurveda Expert Dr. Rama Prasad

Would you love to have beautiful skin and more vitality?

Ayurveda Dr. Rama Prasad is one of Australia’s leading holistic skin consultants, he has been running a full time clinic for over 29 years, with 23 of those here in Australia. He has helped thousands of clients with skin and linked health conditions, in the past few years alone.

Use this golden opportunity to connect with him for a free 15 minute skin consultation.

It takes just a minute or so to book online, and the consult can be done completely online, or in Bondi Junction in Sydney, if you prefer. 

Go ahead and get a fantastic personalised insight into what your tongue and energy reveal about your particular ailments leading to your skin issues.

You can also book this if your issue is about any other physical illness. Dr Rama is not just a skin expert.

This is a great opportunity to meet a man who has helped thousands of people take control of their health – leading to more fulfilling and joyful lives.


Schedule your free skin consultation here

This skin consultation is to find out what could be your bio-chemical reason behind your skin condition so that you can take more accurate and effective approach, instead of just treating your skin.

You should send 3 large pictures of your tongue (entire top surface visible, high resolution, well lit and in focus) to at least one hour before the consultation.

You should send him any medical reports and other relevant information to at least one hour before the consultation.

You will then be provided with a number or your preferred online video call platform to connect to, for your free online session and skin consultation. Any delay in calling might shorten your session.

Special Offer for any Skin Complaint

One consult per person. ​
New clients only.
For a short time only.

Schedule it easily using the link provided in moments.

Tongue pictures – ​Follow the simple instructions in the link.

Send 3 large pictures of your tongue (entire top surface visible, large, well lit, close up and in focus) when you schedule your session.

Calls – You may call me via phone, Google Hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime – contact details provided in confirmation after booking.

Goal – Free consult session covers a tongue diagnosis and brief discussion of your health, and is intended to give you a better and holistic/integrated understanding about your health.

How to take a photo

Sample photos of your tongue to be presented. They show the entire top surface, taken in good light, in focus and large enough.
​Face the open window during daytime.
Hold your neck and spine straight and your shoulders horizontal.
Hold the camera in front of you, at a 45° angle, and click.
Repeat it few times and email me the best 1-3 pictures.




How is a tongue analysed

Ayurveda says that the health is like a tree. Gastro-intestinal canal is the roots, fluids (around 60% of the body is water) are the trunk and tissues are the branches.

When things go wrong, we lose the ease in our roots, trunk and branches. Tongue shows us where is the trouble and what’s its nature.
Tongue, in fact, is a window into the person’s mind and body.

Every vital organ is visible on the tongue. Each zone or organ is assessed based on the 10 aspects given below to get the state of that organ, tissue or zone. ​


Why a tongue analysis?

The Tongue is just like the pulse and other non-verbal diagnostic tools. There are around 12 techniques used in Ayurveda clinic. Tongue is one of the non-verbal diagnostic techniques. Tongue tells you the nature of underlying pathology of the illness.

Here are the 12 Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques: 

Nadi – Pulse, Muutra – Urine, Malam – Feces, Jihwa – Tongue, Zabdam – Voice & Sounds, Sparzam – Vibration & Palpation, Drg – Iris & Conjunctiva, and ​Aakrti – Symptoms & Gate.

A healthy tongue

Uniformly pink, oval in shape, neither too thick nor too thin, has an even width, when sticking out it’s naturally straight rather than veering to one side, the tongue of a healthy person will remain still and strong, not quivering, flaccid or stiff, has a thin transparent or white coating, it displays all taste buds and is free from red or glassy patches, deep cuts and denuded patches, it is neither too dry nor too wet, doesn’t emit a bad odour or taste, the veins on the underside of the tongue will not be distended.

If your tongue looks like a map of the world don’t worry. Some people have genetic geographic tongues which indicate certain hereditary signs that are not necessarily negative.

A healthy tongue should be pink with no coating or bumps or marks. This is rare and most people have a little bit of coating, especially at the back of the tongue. This indicates a buildup in the colon.

Dr Rama can tell you a lot about your ailments and their causes with a good look at your tongue.

If you want to have maximum vitality and your very best skin, this free consult will give you the direction.

There is absolutely no obligation, but the next step would be to book a full consultation, and get very specific about the actual triggers of your condition, and work together to update and optimise your specific system and overall health.

Book your free consult quickly and easily via the link above or below to Calendy – where you can select a time and answer a few quick questions – so as to get the most out of your consult. Oh and don’t forget those tongue photos!

Looking forward to meeting you!