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Sorion Cream Sensitive 50g

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The Final Stock of our heavily discounted Sorion Cream Sensitive is now available in Australia, to buy directly from the official distributors, at the best possible price.

The final few from this batch have an expiry date of November, 2020.

For more sensitive skin, Sorion Cream Sensitive is paraffin-free.

Sorion Cream Sensitive is part of the famous Sorion range, which is selling fast in over 40 countries  – with over 4 million units sold last year alone world-wide – and now available in Australia!

Check hundreds of 5 star reviews online – see Amazon.com

Sorion Cream Sensitive is an amazing cream for dry, itchy, flaky, red and irritated skin – based on scientific research, the latest in Biotechnology, and Ayurvedic wisdom.

It helps with dry, flaky, red or itchy skin, and may be suitable for those with Psoriasis or Eczema.

Great to have around the home as a natural alternative to chemical creams –  Sorion Cream Sensitive is made with plant based ingredients.

We are so confident of your satisfaction that we offer a full money back guarantee*.

Read more about the skin range that is taking the world by storm – start on our home page: www.sorion.com.au 

*See our Terms and Conditions

Cream packing

1 x 50 gram tube

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