Ordering Sorion online

Scroll over SHOP in the menu, and select the item you are interested in, to view the item in our online shopping.

We usually ship within 2 to 3 business days, and faster for Express delivery.

Australia: $9.25 package post delivery, Australia-wide.

Australia: $11.75 for express delivery 2 to 3 days.

New Zealand: We will send Sorion across the ditch very soon. Write to us if you are interested.

Other Countries: You should be able to find your local supplier using a local search for Sorion. If not, get in touch, and we will get something organised for you.

Payment: can be made simply – via Paypal or most Debit and Credit Cards securely via Stripe.

Tracking: All orders are tracked, however, if your order is over $50 but you opt for it to be left at your doorstep and don’t sign for it, then we can’t offer tracking.

Recommendations for Best Results

Sorion won’t work for absolutely everyone. Nothing works for everyone! For one thing, it’s often the case that you will need to use the cream for at least six weeks of daily care to see good results. If you are allergic to paraffin, please use Sorion Sensitive for sensitive skin, that contains no paraffin.

There are sometimes some mixed reactions including itchiness, a change of skin colour, or small red spots that may occur. This is normal, so in these cases use common sense, and stop use if the reaction is painful or strong, and when ready, if appropriate attempt to use more sparingly, or even mix with a little petroleum jelly to dilute.

If you have any severe reactions, stop use immediately, and contact your health professional.

We strongly suggest addressing your particular skin triggers, as we have attempted to summarise on this site.

The fact is, that if you are still feeding your body the wrong foods, it will continue to create the inflammation you see expressed in your skin.

We recommend following a personalised holistic program from a Qualified specialist – such as an Ayurvedic doctor.

Returns Policy

We offer a no question asked money back guarantee on all of our products.

Here’s how it works for Sorion:

If you want to return the product, and get a refund, no problem at all, please return the unused portion of the product, within 12 months of purchase, to – Rama Prassad, 45 Oxford St, Bondi Junction, 2022 NSW Australia, along with your personal details, address, banking or PayPal details, and a copy of your receipt (please email it to us at info@sorion.com) dated within the last 12 months, and we will provide a full refund of product cost paid within 14 days. This can only apply for one item returned per person or per order.

Privacy Policy

All information provided to Sorion is kept confidential and used simply for the processing of your orders. No emails or personal information is provided to any third party.

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Please don’t spam us – join us, share us, help us – PhytoTimes Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian Owned Company, with the direct goal of helping support and encourage maximum wellness for everyone.

Trade or Commercial Enquiries.

With over 30,000 European Pharmacies now stocking Sorion, and sales and production growth exploding internationally, we will be rolling out Sorion and other incredible biotech plant based solutions, as quickly as possible to Aussie Pharmacies, health related stores and other relevant re-sellers.

We have a very simple system for our re-sellers who can log into this site and manage all their orders and tracking very simply. Let’s get this out to the many people who are looking for it as quickly and simply as possible.

For all re-seller, trade or commercial enquiries, write to us at info@sorion.com.au


For your safety, we never store or even see your credit card details. They are sent directly to our bank and erased at the end of the transaction.

Please check that the ‘padlock’ icon in your browser is active when you checkout. This indicates an encrypted connection which means that third parties cannot intercept your data in transit.

Any questions, get us on our Live Chat or via our Contacts page.

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